Pontoon Boat Lessons River Master inflatable fishing Craft

Blake and and Jamal Two very serious fly fishers who specialize in Steelhead wanted to check out how their new River Master fishing rafts handled in whitewater. They arrived early on Sept. 4th for pancakes sausage, eggs and coffee where I met them.


Blake goes for it!

We inflated the river masters and loaded them onto the bus and trailer for the shuttle up to the put in.  Here after a short safety briefing and an overview of river rafting techniques and safety procedures we headed off down river from slesse creek. We stopped and scouted the first steep class 3 rapid. We could have easily lined or portaged around this but both Blake and Jamal went for it and this set the tone for the rest of the trip.

We stopped to practice re righting flipped rafts and to re right the river master from the armchair position you have to either duck under the tube to get into the middle before getting back in.

We went over how to row out of holes and then in Allison pool Jamal hit one sideways and practiced by rowing out flawlessly.

Nothing is quite as fun as rowing pontoon boats in whitewater and I love teaching these small courses.

Give me a call anytime this fall or winter.

Russ Brown Chilliwack River RAfting 1800 410 7238  rafting@telus.net

Jamal Salman



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