Just another Saturday Afternoon at Chilliwack River Rafting ;)

This weekend was definitely a “leave your husbands at home” good time.  With 2 stellar staggettes coming out for the final farwell to freedom…err we mean kicking off a new chapter in life 😉 the good times flowed.  From the slesse put in to the campfire shenanigans, the entertainment never ceased!  Glow stick bunnies for all!  We hope to see you ladies again soon !!


Check out some of their photos below:

Matt's Lovelies


Keyohei's crew!


Kira's Hounds! 😉


Joe's Ladies


Pierre and his wonder-crew!


Greg's group!


Jemma's out-of-this-world crew!


Ryan's rompers!


Sammy's super seven!

Sammy's super seven!







Bridal shower!! 😛









Thanks for coming rafting and thanks for the good times!!

From all of us here @ Chilliwack River Rafting








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