afternoon canyon palooza!

The last weekend before we are out of the canyon and back to school, or whatever responsibilities are beckoning.  These guys knew just how to wrap up their summer with a bang…or perhaps a splash?  Every single person this afternoon braved the canyon, and it couldn’t have ran smoother!  bouncing, spinning and smiling galore…everybody…grab somebody… WE”RE RAFTING TO THE BEAT!!!


Check out some of their photo’s below!!


pre-rafting smiles... you should have seen the size of that smile afterwards!! 😀


Andrea and her crew of ragdolls!! In the market for a Canadian Wife...any takers?


Dougs crew!


Kyohei's acrobatic paddlers!


free willie's group!


rockin ryan's rowdy bunch!


Jemmers crew!


Pierre's poppers!


Eoin's crew!


Kira's super seven!


Joe's group!


Matt's group!


super star!!!






















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